The Fairytales of Folkshore is a young adult series of interconnected fairy tale retellings.


The series starts with the Cahraman Trilogy, a gender-bent retelling of Aladdin and will continue in two-parters or standalones starring the girls you meet in the first arc and those you will encounter along the way!

Throughout the series you will visit many of the lands on this map.

Retellings include Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella/Snow Queen, Sleeping Beauty/Robin Hood, Snow White and a villainous take on Swan Lake in the A Villain's Ever After series.

1. Thief of Cahraman

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2. Prince of Cahraman

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3. Queen of Cahraman

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4. Beast of Rosemead

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5. Beauty of Rosemead

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6. Princess of Midnight

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7. Dreamer of Briarfell

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8. The Faerie Prince

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9. The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess

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