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I am Lucy Tempest, an indie fantasy author, currently writing high fantasy spins on fairytales in my Folkshore series.

You can find out all about them here! I would love to hear from my readers, you can contact me here! :D

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Dreamer of Briarfell: A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty

7. Dreamer of Briarfell


Her soul will be lost forever, unless she wins the love of the noblest of men.

Cursed in her cradle by a vengeful fairy queen, Princess Fairuza of Arbore thought her fate was secure in the hands of her betrothed — until he chose another as his bride.

After the last attempt to find another prince to save her fails, Fairuza’s world fades to black, and she awakens in a castle, unseen and unheard by all—then a thief breaks in, and sees her. But Robin Hood is no prince charming, and he’s leaving for Faerie, to save Maid Marian from the Wild Hunt. Seizing her last chance to find royals who can break her curse, she joins him and his Merry Men.

Once in Faerie, the Summer King puts them through deadly trials, in exchange for his hand and help. But as they struggle to survive, Fairuza begins to fade. The longer her soul remains detached from her body, the sooner their tie will be severed.

As her time runs out, she finds herself falling in love with Robin, despite knowing that this would doom her forever…


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